Duct Free Mini Spilt Air Conditioners

MA Master Plumber # 12889 | NH Journeyman Plumber #4913
Ductless Systems

The ductless systems make a practical and attractive choice for both private homes and light commercial applications such as hotels, restaurants, offices and retirement homes. It is designed for permanent installation in spaces that do not contain existing ductwork, and provide efficiency and convenience.

Features & Functions

Features and functions include Energy Saving Inverter Technology, dehumidify, sleep mode, 24-hour timer, auto restart, a self-cleaning evaporator, and others allow for custom comfort at the touch of a button.

Quick Start

Starts up the unit quickly to maximize the efficiency of the electrical current.

Stable Temperature

When the room temperature reaches close to the desired temperature, the unit will run at a low frequently to keep the room comfortably cool or warm.

Energy Saving

The unit starts at a low frequency and current to avoid frequent shutting on and off. At the set temperature, the unit operates at a low speed to create comfort and save energy at the same time.

Auto Restart

After a sudden loss of electrical power, the unit automatically returns to the previous operation/mode when the power is restored. There is no reset button to press.